Velcro deck seal

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Velcro deck seal

Post by Brett »

I'm looking for a folder. I like most of the features of the XT17, but I'm not wild about the velcro attachment for the deck. In my experience, even the industrial grade velcro doesn't hold up to extended use. The loops get torn out, and the hooks get clogged with the fuzz. The fuzz can be removed, but some grip is lost because of the bare spots in the loop side.
How long will this realistically last (time, # cycles)?
How expensive is it to replace the skin/deck?


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Re: Velcro deck seal

Post by siravingmon »

Hi Brett,

I'm sure Kerry and others who've had their Pakboats far longer than me will contribute soon, but I've had my Quest now for 4 years with no noticeable degradation of the industrial grade vecro joint. As far as I can recall, one significant change they did make to the Quest range and the Xt17 around 2013 was longer bow and stern flaps to better locate the deck. Some water does get in when doing eskimo rolls but it's minimal

You'll want to ask Pakboats how much their replacement hulls and decks cost


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Re: Velcro deck seal

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

I've got an older Pakboat Puffin that I bought used so I am not sure about the actual age but I believe it is at at least 10 years old by now (Pakboat serial numbers don't clearly identify date of manufacture). It was obviously used a lot before I bought it. Never any problem with the velcro with it or with the XT-15 we bought almost 7 years ago. I've only had my Quest for 15 months but don't expect problems with that. I did replace the Puffin deck a couple years ago but only because Pakboat had a fancier one on sale -- the old deck still attached firmly and I passed it on to another Puffin user who is still using it now.

I've owned a lot of gear with velcro over the years and also used it myself in things I've sewed. The actual brand name Velcro patented product is very good stuff and lasts a long time -- a lot of cheap products and clothing use hook and loop tape NOT made by Velcro and it gets soft, clogs up and stops sticking after a while. As to collecting "fuzz" that is not apt to happen with a kayak -- It's not like with clothing or shoulder bags or things that tend to catch on sweaters or other fabrics. Another thing that happens to some hook and loop tape is that it gets damaged in the washer and dryer (when used on clothing). That tends to break it down over time -- not something that would apply with a kayak.

And while the kayak is set up, the closure is sealed. It isn't like the velcro on luggage or jackets or other items where it is constantly being opened and closed so it collect junk. When the boat is broken down for storage it will presumably be in the duffel bag -- again, no exposure to fibers that would clog it.
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Re: Velcro deck seal

Post by Alv »

Just a comment to the statement about hull numbers on kayaks and other vessels. You can pinpoint the time of manufacture from the coast guard mandated hull number. The first 3 letters identify the manufacturer. The next 5 is a serial number, and the manufacturer has some freedom as to how it is used. We use the first two of the five digits to identify the kayak or canoe model. The ninth position is a letter that defines month of manufacture, followed by the last digit of the year of manufacture. The last two digits give you the model year.

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Re: Velcro deck seal

Post by geoffrose »

And I'm the guy Kerry gave her deck to. It holds solidly.
I want to point out why I like the velcro option the best. Yes, it is less water tight. In fact heavy waves will let in a few dribs and drabs. However if you ever want to take your boat on an adventure that requires some serious portaging, the velcro deck means you can remove it, or even just the front part and then carry the boat like a canoe, which is far more comfortable and practical for long portages. My Puffin and Quest both weigh about 25 lb. and sit very nicely on top of my backpack for tromps of up to 4km without even need of a break, let alone having to do a double carry. Try that with a fixed deck, folder or otherwise.

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