Triton Ladoga Advanced L2 2009

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Triton Ladoga Advanced L2 2009

Post by Marcel »

After doing allot of reading on this forum I decided to buy a Triton Ladoga. main reason is i live in Europe and this boat is fairly popular over here, thus spares are fairly easy to get hold of and the boat is well priced.

Regards previous post on the Ladoga about parts breaking and not being up to standard, well i think that was probably with the old models or exaggeration. The new model is tough and rugged and I would happily take the boat on long expeditions, sure the boat needs some refinements in places but I think that would be with any boat. And as long as nothing is forced in to place, common sense is used, the boat is washed after being in salt water it should last.

I ordered the two seater version but have happily paddled and build the boat on my own.

The boat comes in a single bag that is actually very comfortable to go on short hikes with, total weight is 27Kg. Top tip when unpacking the bag take photos of how it was packed, makes it easier for when you later need to repack it. I happily trekked with my canoe on a airplane to Greece and left it assembled with the salt water for two weeks with out any problems.

First time build was about 2 hours, but i build the whole boat without skin half dismantled and rebuild with skin. Yes first time build is a absolute pain in the @@, especially building alone. *tip mark all the tubes with electrical colour tape, tubes that are critical, as in has to go in last mark with completely different colour, this will save head aches later. I left my boat for a few days to stretch and find its fit. *another tip make sure the bow and stern is exactly centre in the boat which is another reason for it 99% of the time being a pain to build. A can of silicon spray helps alot also, or some washing up liquid.

I have now found all the short cuts and made small modifications to build the boat, the boat has stretched into place and can build the boat alone ready to go in 25-30min and have done this three times in the same week, with two people who know what they doing i think it can go down to 20min but haven't tested a build with two yet. if something goes in the wrong order expect build time of 45 min. I now leave my bow and stern section build and just throw everything in to the car to save on build time. I would think the one seat version one should be able to build in less than 25min, but that is just a guess.

Paddeling alone or two the boat handles well and tracks in a straight line with out a rudder as long as there is no strong wind or waves. unlike previous post the rudder is adequate, the seats are very comfortable and i can happily paddle for over two hours. I have been in fairly strong gusts with waves of up to 0.5 meter and the boat stays stable with out any of the Velcro decking coming off. With weight added the boat becomes even more stable. There is a internal buoyancy system that makes the boat more rigid and "unsinkable".

The only other boat i think i would have considered was the Pack boat x16 as it is considerably lighter and abit quicker to build. But from what i have experienced so far the Triton is solid and if people are interested i can post some of the build tips.

So Triton is not so bad after all. :D


Re: Triton Ladoga Advanced L2 2009

Post by Alm »

I now leave my bow and stern section build and just throw everything in to the car to save on build time.
You probably have a big car - I can't imagine throwing both stern and bow frame halves, each including one small rib, in a trunk. Not sure that even one would fit. I did same thing a few times at home when fixed and tuned-up some things - storing bow and stern sections at the balcony. The reason was - reluctance to assemble those pieces again; more a mental effort than physical, with all the tubes looking alike (joining the parts in the skin required physical effort, though). Marking tubes with color tape helps, but not much, because there are so many of them...
After doing allot of reading on this forum I decided to buy a Triton Ladoga.
You bought a 2-seater Ladoga. 2-seaters by Triton had fewer negative reviews than L1, though I can't recall much feedback on L2 on this forum.

The first generation of L1 was a shame. The list of things needing improvement was endless, and not all of them were possible to improve at home. In 2002 L1 cost in Europe about $US 1200 ($500 in Russia), and when Folbot Cooper was introduced 1 or 2 years later, it filled the gap between cheap L1 and expensive Feathercraft (being also easier to assemble than L1 or FC). Don't know the difference in prices in Europe now, probably under $800 between L1 and Cooper with all the options and extras. In North America there is very little incentive, almost none, to buy L1 over Cooper or FC. Regarding L2, - Folbot GII makes a good competition in North American prices, with the number of GII owners matched only by the number of Klepper AEII. Both boats are not as portable as L2, and this would've been important to me, but for most people this doesn't seem to be a problem.
There is a internal buoyancy system that makes the boat more rigid and "unsinkable".
I doubt the sponsons make any foldable kayak unsinkable. It might keep empty boat afloat, full of water, but not with people and gear. Repairing Ladoga sponsons will be difficult (it was so, in older models, where sponsons were integrated into the skin). It's better when you can remove the sponson for repair or replacement.

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