Stores that sold Russian Kayaks

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Stores that sold Russian Kayaks

Post by Yevgeniy »

Does anyone know of stores that in the past have sold Russian made kayaks (Triton and Taymen)?


Ebay Seller

Post by Guest »

There's a seller on now (5/7/05) selling a Vuoksa 2, who may be able to provide the information you seek. By the way, does Vuoksa translate into anything in English?


Post by Yevgeniy »

Vuoksa is a name of a lake in Russia.


Post by Yevgeniy »

I would just like to comment on the item on EBay. It notes that there is a one year warranty, but since the boat was certainly bought somewhere in Europe, and is sold not through an authorized dealer, the warranty would cover the boat in Europe. So it would not cover items such as damage due to shipping, shipping costs of repair parts to the United States, and the costumer would have to contact Triton directly, or the original store that sold it.


Post by Alm »

Different people (not stores) were selling it at different times and at different prices; I haven't heard of any store in the USA or Canada that would carry Triton on a regular basis.

Yes, warranty is a crap, when boat is sold by a private person. Shipping costs from the USA or Canada to the factory in Russia and back (I doubt that the factory would pay for international shipping) would be comparable to the cost of DIY repairs, or even to the amount of the refund from the factory, which is about $500 for a single kayak. Besides, not many people would be able to describe the problem in Russian :-) ...

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Post by chrstjrn »

Ralph Hoehn used to import Triton (he does Pouch), but you probably already knew that.
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a Russian "online" shop

Post by drabadan »

on this page it says that they ship the boats abroad.
the page is all in Russian (use online translators). there're also tel. numbers in the right-top corner (attach +7 )


Post by Yevgeniy »

We at are currently selling out our entire stock of Triton boats for $1000 and under. These prices are at or below cost considering factory prices and shipping to the USA. We are doin this because they have not sold as much as we predicted and unfortunately we are forced to pull out until we find retail costumers (we will still be able to ship one at a time from Russia, but that will be not very price-competitive). So as such we are selling out our whole stock. You can check our stock on the website, but please not the prices there are above what were selling, if youre interested in a specific model please contact us.

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