KAUNO folding kayaks

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KAUNO folding kayaks

Post by mje »

Something new from Argentina. These look a bit like Feathercraft boats, with a simple tubular aluminum frame that echoes some Folbot designs. They don’t have an agent in North America but the owner, Leo Aragües, tells me they will ship here.

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Re: KAUNO folding kayaks

Post by Jake »

Looks like a stretched version of the Feathercraft K-Light, simple and light weight. Nice.

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Re: KAUNO folding kayaks

Post by Rob »

It does look nice, and price is certainly attractive.

Has anyone purchased, and/or paddled one of these?

I'm curious to know how they handle, and more about the quality of materials used.

My only concern is the low payload for larger paddlers of the single kayak, since if someone weighs around 220 lbs., they can then only carry a gallon of water, lunch, and just a bit more gear, unlike with some other models.

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