Neris Smart Pro review

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Neris Smart Pro review

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I recently become the new owner of a Neris Smart Pro Kayak; I will be using this inflatable kayak for my next Adventure in the Amazon river. I normally use an Ally canoe and loved every thing about it except when it is very windy and unfortunately there is no way to be safe with it in sea coastal travel. My last canoe trip was from Vegas to the Mexican border on the Colorado river but I also did the Loire River in France and the Danube in Europe

I didn’t want to write a review before I could test it long enough to know what I was talking about .

The material look like very good quality and the inner alloy frame is very easy to mount, in fact you can built the kayak in 15 mn without breaking a sweat. The kayak came into a large backpack, everything you need fit in it, this includes in my case the ruder and skirt too. The total weight was 25 KG.

Now after over 100 miles with it I am even more satisfied with the kayak, great stability and tracking and even with 15 miles/H wind the boat was not dancing in front of me (even without using the rudder. I did few 20 miles/day without fatigue thanks to the good inflatable seat. The adverse weather condition stopped me to try rolling it or doing a self-rescue but with the inflated side it should not be any problem to get back inside.

I also did some try out fully loaded with 2 cone bags (Neris) and a 110 L ortlieb duffle, totaling about 60 kg of gears plus myself 200 pounds and still no stability or tracking issue. Most of my kayaking was done on the lake Provo, Jordan river and Provo river in Utah.

If you have any question asked me and if you want to look at it, I am in Lehi Utah.

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