Northern Lights paddles

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Northern Lights paddles

Post by Joebh »

I have both a Greenland and Aleutian 3 piece Northern Lights paddle. One reason I bought them is that the owner told me that I could easily buy various length loom sections to use for different widths of kayaks I own. However once I bought both paddles, the owner started waffling on delivering the additional size spare looms I ordered and then apparently went out of business.
Have any owners of Northern Lights Greenland paddle been able to find spare looms for them elsewhere?

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Re: Northern Lights paddles

Post by Rob »

Sorry, I'm unfamiliar with the term "loom" but am trying to help.

Given that it is 3 pieces, and knowing how kayaks are made, isn't the center section just an ordinary dowel, of a certain diameter?

Not sure what your paddle dowel diameter is, and obviously you'll probably need brass connectors if it is a wooden paddle, but it seems to me that if you were to purchase a wooden dowel, or closet rod, of the diameter needed, added on the brass/other connectors after cutting to length, and then varnished it, you could make any size(s) desired.

Perhaps it isn't that simple, but others I've seen for Folbot/Klepper seem like they would work with this technique.

Of course, perhaps certain wood shafts are more desirable than others, so I'll leave that to someone else on the subject, but the above is worth a try, and shouldn't be too hard to make if you can get the connector fittings, and find the right diameter dowel, or pole.

Best of luck on your project.

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