A Potential Greenland II But Have Questions

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A Potential Greenland II But Have Questions

Post by MarineAiredale »

Have a lead of a Folbot GII. From reading everything I can find about the older GIIs I believe it is a 1990-2001 boat as it has thermoplastic crossframes/wash boards and blue anodized longerons. A GII is not the top of my list of potential tandems but the asking price is attractive. I am not looking for a expedition boat, mainly a flat/protected water boat.

It is a few hours away and I have a few concerns:

The current owner (claims to be second owner) has never disassembled the boat. Photo’s show no apparent oxidation on the longerons and the hull appears to be in good shape.

The problem is that if I cannot get the boat broken down I would not be able to bring it home. I might be able to get it inside of my truck camper if I could get the frame in half. Carrying it on the roof is not an option as there is too much equipment up there already; vents, skylights, escape hatch, antennas, solar panels etc..

If the longerons are indeed frozen am I correct there would only be four sliding joints to free up to get the frame to come apart into two pieces?

Any advice and guidance would be appreciated.

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Re: A Potential Greenland II But Have Questions

Post by GrnMtns »

Hi Les,
I had a 90's Folbot. Mostly I found the cross frames were brittle and would snap if flexed much. Sometimes the hull shrank.... The rivets were not great either. I would look for a 2001 + so you could paddle it more than fix it! Goodluck

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Re: A Potential Greenland II But Have Questions

Post by mje »

The sleeves that join the tubing halves together are pretty loose, so it's not likely they're frozen.
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Re: A Potential Greenland II But Have Questions

Post by flatwater »

There are only two sliding sleeve joints to break the boat in two.
They are the lower, single-tube longerons.
All the other sections are horse shoe joints and don't freeze up.
If the boat has been stored well (no skin rot or holes), it will serve you well with no repairs needed.
It is very doubtful that the skin has shrunk as the boat has been assembled the whole time.
Rivet problems usually accompany skin shrinkage so, again, you are probably OK.
If the price is below $1,000 and it's in good condition, it's a steal.
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Re: A Potential Greenland II But Have Questions

Post by MarineAiredale »

Thanks guys, I will run with that information and see what happens. Been out and about with the Camper for a couple of weeks and could not access the forum. Please excuse the tardy reply.

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