Lightweight kayak for tall paddler

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Lightweight kayak for tall paddler

Post by paddlepaddle »


I´m trying to figure out what portable touring kayak to buy and I´m hoping some of you can help me decide :)

I would like one that..
- Is a good sea kayak that can handle a bit of waves and wind
- Is lightweight and small enough to travel with, including flights
- can be assembled reasonably fast (preferably less than 30 min)
- is comfortable for long days for a fairly tall but skinny paddler (i´m 6´2 and 175 pounds).

Any suggestions?

I have been thinking most about pakboats. The quest 150 looks good, if I´m not too tall for it. Otherwise the XT 17 might be good.
The fast assembly and light weight of Oru kayaks is tempting.
And the TRAK Seeker looks very good, but seems a bit more cumbersome.

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Re: Lightweight kayak for tall paddler

Post by siravingmon »

The Quest 150 sounds perfect for you on all counts as long as Alv says it'll fit you - can"t see why not!

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Re: Lightweight kayak for tall paddler

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

I agree with Simon (he and I own the same models, the Pakboat 135 and Feathercraft Wisper, so we have similar favorites.) Our 135's are the smaller person older versions of the Quest 150, though the newer 150 has some enhanced features like being able to paddle without the deck as an open boat.

Don't hesitate to contact Alv Elvestad at Pakboat for advice on fit. He's always been very helpful when I've contacted the company. I think he often takes trips to Norway and still has family in the country. You can see photos of him paddling the Quests at Soroya in Norway on the company website. Scroll down in this link below to see one of him in the Quest 155, to give you a sense of the boat.

I'm guessing he could hook you up with a boat over there which would reduce the hassles of overseas shipping and tariffs. ... Itemid=171

And here's a link to my album showing how I packed my smaller Pakboat for travel to England this month. ... 1327686552
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