Advice for a kayak .

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Advice for a kayak .

Post by vote4pedro »

Hey guys Im going to be heading out on a missions trip soon . Im going to be going to kuna yala in Panama . I need your advice for an inflatable or folding kayak that I could use in the ocean . Im trying to stay in the 500$-700$ range . The biggest thing is Im going to be using the boat everyday for the next six months in Panama . I want it to be as durable as possible, and want some thing that tracks well . I am considering a sea eagle 370 and an advanced elements AE1007R. I really like the sound of the high pressure floor in the advanced elements kayak . Theres so many options Im getting a little lost . Any help or suggestions would be appreciated .

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Re: Advice for a kayak .

Post by martin2007 »

The AE are interesting, especially with the drop-stitch floor. I considered a Sea Eagle Razorlite, drop-stitch, a bit more expensive, as I don't like the pool-toy look of the 370's. I decided no. Knowing in advance what will work at destination is tricky. Much depends on launch sites, storage, car-topping, etc. Pakboats are good boats, but pricier, especially with all the add-ons. Depending on intended use, you might consider going with an inflatable SUP. Originally a sceptic, I went that route for my trip to Tahiti. Easy inflate, easier deflate, rugged, quick, full-body workout, versatile, and great in the lagoon. (Tahiti) Meanwhile, you may find a better boat for rent once there, a boat that fits the unique conditions of the location, especially if your destination has an active paddling culture.

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Re: Advice for a kayak .

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

You are going to be hard-pressed to find an inflatable that tracks well and is durable AND safe for ocean use in that low price range. Both the models you list are going to be rather slow and could be un-safe in waves and current in coastal conditions. You could find it very difficult to get to shore especially in windy conditions. i looked at photos of Kuna Yala and saw that waves and surf are common. Those two styles are really not designed for open ocean conditions -- they are river and small lake boats, or for sheltered coves. Also, the AE model is a tandem and paddling it solo would also affect tracking. What are you planning to use the boat for? Transport or just recreation? I think you need to increase your budget to $1000 to $1500 and look at boats like the Razorlite that martin2007 mentioned or some of the folding kayaks by Pakboat.
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