Disappointments and Looking for Kayak

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Disappointments and Looking for Kayak

Post by gkudaka »

I found this forum and started responding to a few ads, but the ads must be old or I'm not getting replies. I was also looking on Craigslist. I found a pair of AE and made an agreement to buy them from the seller -- but the seller has now sold them to someone else. Really disappointing.

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Re: Disappointments and Looking for Kayak

Post by tsunamichuck »

I am bringing a Feathercraft Light to Boston August 7. It is most likely sold but I can contact you if the deal falls through
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Re: Disappointments and Looking for Kayak

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

In responding to ads, check the date that they were posted first. If the date is within 6 months or less, click on the "email" button at the bottom of the post to relay a direct email inquiry to the seller. Posting a "reply" does not usually get a prompt response.

That said, some sellers are not attentive to removing their ads or marking them "sold" when the items are no longer available.

The number of used folders appearing for sale has gone down, in part because the number of companies making folding kayaks has gone down in recent years. So the market is tight. I have bought and sold many used kayaks, including quite a few folders, over the years. I have learned that you have to look diligently and then be prepared to IMMEDIATELY pay cash and arrange transport or shipment if you find something that you want. If you hesitate or try to get a seller to "hold" a boat for you, chances are you will lose the opportunity. Yes, it is discouraging but it is the nature of the beast.

For a beginner, I think it is better to start with a new kayak. Used folders can have issues, like leaky sponsons and corroded frame parts. I have been fortunate with my own used purchases for the most part but I knew what to look for -- I did buy one with corroded frame parts that ended up costing me headaches and expense to repair. And I have two now that have old manufacturing defects that the original owners failed to have replaced when they were under warranty. It is costing me time and money to fix those since the parts are no longer available for these old models, but at least I know how to do that.

Pakboat folding kayaks are reasonably priced for their quality and features. Airkayaks often has good deals on various models of inflatable kayaks from Advanced Elements, Aquaglide and Innova It might be cheaper in the long run to buy one new than to take a chance on a used one with problems you may not be able to solve easily.
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