Folbot Greenland II expedition

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Folbot Greenland II expedition

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I've been looking for a way to prepare my klepper Aerius 2 for a weeklong trip in Glacier Bay, but have also been checking out new kayaks that come up for sale. I happen to be in Florida, visiting my elderly parents, where there's a guy with a Greenland ii with rudder and spray cover for sale. It's from 1998 and the seller is asking $750. Would this be a suitable boat for the trip? What's the reputation of Folbots of that vintage? And what would be a reasonable price? I really don't want to pay more for it than I could sell it for in Chicago.

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Re: Folbot Greenland II expedition

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The GII is a good boat, but it’s not as rugged or repairable as a Klepper. The frames of that era or made of a plastic resin that’s essentially not repairable, and replacements are unavailable.
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