Green River in Utah - 100 miles of flat water beauty

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Green River in Utah - 100 miles of flat water beauty

Post by zippledippledo »

A few years ago a magazine listed the 100+ mile trip from Green River Utah to the confluence of the Colorado and Green rivers as the most beautiful flat water trip in America. That's a tall claim, but if there is a more beautiful stretch of water I want to know about it. I did the trip in 2010, and I found the scenery was spectacular, and the trip involves going ever deeper into red rock canyon country. Much of the trip is inside Canyonlands National park. No power boats are allowed on this section of the river (there is a once-a-year exception to this) so it is quiet and peaceful. I arranged to have myself and my Firstlight 420C kayak transported to Ruby Ranch through one of the two firms that run trips down this river. They dropped me off and I spent about a week going down river, camping on sand bars along the way. At the confluence of the Green and Colorado the two companies run jet boats down the Colorado to pick up their clients. If folks want more info I can provide that, but let me say I really enjoyed the trip and recommend it highly. Be aware that once you start down the Green river you are very much on your own as there are no easy ways off of the river. Let me add one more thing: I met people that had done the trip 17 times -it is that good! :P

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Re: Green River in Utah - 100 miles of flat water beauty

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I knew an older couple, really avid outdoors folk, who canoed that section about 30 years ago during a year of record rainfall for the region. The river was so high and fast they pretty much never even paddled other than to steer the boat to shore when they felt like stopping. I seem to recall they did it in only 4 days and 3 nights. They screened a slideshow of the trip for our outdoor club -- truly a beautiful canyon float and one I'd like to do myself someday.
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Re: Green River in Utah - 100 miles of flat water beauty

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I been to Utah, lake powell last january and, thanks to winter, it was very quiet but this green river seems very tempting. is there any rapids? thanks
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