Brainstorming flatwater trips in Europe/was: pionier 520z

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Brainstorming flatwater trips in Europe/was: pionier 520z

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Moving these from "General Folding Kayak Questions/pionier 520z" -- let's start a new thread here.
westcoastwill wrote:Hi Chris,

come on over next spring and i take you down the Danube on a camping/kayak trip!


chrstjrn wrote:I had a beautiful trip up the Somme, in 2004. It would only take a week to do right (Mon-tues and thurs-fri on the water, weds rest day sightseeing in Amiens, saturday before departure sightseeing in Paris. If you crank it up to 6 days on the water you can go all the way from Peronne to the Channel in fairly relaxed fashion.). Camping would be out, but hotels are cheap in France.

I'm trying to figure out how to make a partial circumnavigation of Lake Geneva (carry a passport!). I drove half the coast, today, and saw a number of commercial campsites (RVs... blecchh!). The Moselle also looks like it would be wonderful.
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