Week 1: Cape Hatteras, Week 2:Assateague

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Week 1: Cape Hatteras, Week 2:Assateague

Post by njpaddler »

This coming June, I'm going to spend vacation Week 1 at Cape Hatteras, then Week 2 at Assateague Island Nat'l Seashore to camp and paddle. I'm looking to camp at the "backcountry" sites at Assateague. I'm looking at any of the sites except Oracoke at Hatteras.

If anyone here has any experiences to relate or any advice on either of these ( weather, currents, bugs, things / places to avoid, etc.) it is most welcome.

Thanks !

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Re: Week 1: Cape Hatteras, Week 2:Assateague

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

I guided a backpacking trip more than 25 years ago from the Chincoteague end of the island about 11 miles north to Pope Bay, one of the canoe or backpack only access campsites. It was really beautiful site, tucked in low dunes. This was in early Fall and it was extremely windy at night -- I was lucky to have a very aerodynamic tent with a fly that came all the way to the ground that I was able to bank with sand to keep it from flapping -- others on the trip were not so fortunate and were kept awake a good bit of the night by the loud snap of nylon. A big advantage of this site is that it is ONLY accessible by paddling in or a long hike so you are not apt to encounter as many loud yahoos as the more readily accessible sites closer to the visitor centers in both states. The barrier island is so narrow there you can easily access it from either the ocean side or the sound side.
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