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Flying with Boats

Post by Ozpaddler »

G'day everyone, wanting to utilise the forums collective wisdom. I am flying with Qantas from Australia to Singapore with a Feathercraft K2, a Nortiraid raid 550, and an older wooden double folbot. All boats break down into 2 bags with the largest being 140cm by 40cm by 30cm. We've just been told that this is too long to fly with. I've flown with my Trak before without any problem and have seen many surfboards being checked in that are significantly larger than this. Has anyone else had problems with Qantas telling them that their folded kayak is too long to fly with?

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Re: Flying with Boats

Post by idc »

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me will be along in a bit to give first hand info. I just wondered if the customer service drone you spoke to was treating these bags as regular 'baggage' with some arbitrary dimension limits rather than 'sports equipment', which a lot of airlines offer different deals on. That might explain why surfboards, skis and snowboards, bicycles, musical instruments like cellos etc seem to be longer than the bags you're describing and can still be carried on planes. Perhaps you just need to ask the customer service drone if there is a 'sports equipment' category that they need to be checking it as ...

As an aside, I ran into this problem of arbitrary categorization while trying to get a tiny duffel bag with a Pakboat Puffin couriered to my house earlier this summer. I gave the woman on the telephone details of the dimensions and the contents (explaining what a folding kayak is) and was met by a 'we can't carry kayaks' (and some sympathetic resignation). I explained this was a small duffel bag with aluminium poles and waterproof material, rather like a tent, which she said they could carry, and asked her to check with her manager. 'No', came back the reply, 'none of our couriers can carry kayaks'. As someone else pointed out to me, if I'd said, 'a small bag containing aluminium poles and waterproof material' no-one would have batted an eyelid. And philosophically speaking, is it actually a kayak when it is deconstructed? ;-)

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Re: Flying with Boats

Post by siravingmon »

It’s the linear cm that matter for normal luggage. In my experience most airlines only allow length plus width plus height equals 158 cm. Emirates is the notable exception and I’ve had no problem taking over 2 m of linear centimeters in luggage with them multiple times. As Idc mentioned, it could just be that Quantas are not counting your kayaks as sports luggage, but even there different airlines have different standards. Srilankan allow any dimension of sporting goods (but 1 item only) if it's part of the 30 kg limit. Thai airlines need a letter to them requesting/notifying them that excess items are oversize (they told me this week on the phone).

Btw if you’re moving to Singapore to live, we should catch up. I’m about to move to Bangkok from Sri Lanka but my partner has just moved to Singapore so I’ll be there weekends a fair bit.

Good luck!

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Re: Flying with Boats

Post by xeniv23 »

Put all the long stuff in a golf bag. You'll sail right through.

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