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Hello from Maryland, USA

This is my introduction:

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York a little over 7 decades ago. As a young teenager I joined the Sebago Canoe Club and the American Canoe Association (ACA). I picked up an interest in Olympic style racing C1/C2 and K1/K2 flat water racing. I participated in the 1964 Olympic try outs at Orchard Beach Lagoon, NY. I came close to qualifying. I was friends with Bob Orr (American Olympic Canoe Committee) 1964/1968 games and Gordon Miller who was one of the coach’s for the 1964 Olympic Games. Trained with the Romanian coach (Wolfgang) who escaped from the cold war iron curtain.

My first Kayak was a 1969 Klepper Aerius II Classic bought from NY, NY Klepper dealer. I took that boat to Lake Sebago, Lake George, Lake Champagne, Hudson River, Colorado River, Yukon River Expedition, Lake Michigan and a few other places. I learned how to sail on flat water, Bays, rivers and the oceans.

To date my most challenging water adventure was the Colorado white water. The best wild life adventure to date was the Yukon River expedition. Quietly going past a Grizzly bear and her two cubs. You really do not respect the size of the Grizzly until they stand up. Then we came upon an adult Moose standing in the river taking a drink. I never knew 12 feet could be so big and tall. We came across an old village when we were chased away by a pack of wild dogs.

I will go fishing every now and then in the Florida Keys. Catching 6 ft. Tarpon have no place in my Klepper. The same goes for a specific 5 ft, Bull shark that wanted to eat me. Talk about catch and release. The groupers were too small but the snappers were just right. Be careful on the Gulf side of the Keys when the tide goes out. There are thousands of clam or oysters all over the sandy wet beaches. I enjoy my kayak sailing around the Keys. The water is so crystal clear, wear your Ray Bans and booties.

My Klepper was stolen. It has been replaced with a Klepper Aerius II Expedition 520 with all the sail gear.

I am now semi-retired enjoying life with my wife and two dogs on trips and family and grandkids all other times.

Life is good, stay safe, stay healthy.

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Re: Introduction

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Welcome aboard! Great story!
I live on Long Island NY and paddle a Folbot and a wooden canoe around here, but also travel with them. Both have been to Florida, and both have sailed.

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