Greetings from Sweden

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Greetings from Sweden

Post by tlager »

Dear All,

Some thirty years ago I used to own two Pouch kayaks, one K1 and one K2. I really loved them, but they are in kayak heaven since a long time. Having recently moved to Skärhamn on the island of Tjörn on the west coast of Sweden, and recently inherited a sum of money, I'm looking to buy a Klepper Aerius II, possibly a new one. This seems like a great forum for asking some of the questions I still have, regarding the choice of Aerius model, about the best sails, and about electric motors. I'll ask such questions in the right categories.

Best regards,
Torbjörn Lager

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Re: Greetings from Sweden

Post by JohnSand »

Welcome aboard, and happy hunting!
There are plenty of threads about those boats, and some members currently sail them I think.

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