MSR vs. Primus stoves

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I use lots of shaving cream, and always carry it. I pack it at the top of my carry-on, and I always have to pull it out and show it to them. Not a big deal.
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mje wrote:For my trips- which tend to be a week or less, and in areas reachable by car or boat- I like small butane cartridge stoves. Neat, no spills, instant ignition.
I just bought a Primus Micron Stove w/Piezo pretty cheaply from REI Outlet online. During my recent car-camping trip, it would've been nice to be able to have hot coffee and meals. Hopefully the Primus will work o.k. for kayak camping, too.



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Piezo-ignitor is a great invention - no looking for lighter or matches in the dark, just open the valve and click. Shortly after the purchase my ignitor failed, when I used a similar model stove with a wind-screen, - plastic housing and body of ignitor melted down. Had to replace the ignitor with one from MSR (local store didn't have spare ignitors for Primus). And had to modify the wind-screen, so the ignitor is now outside the screen.


Re: MSR vs. Primus stoves

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Well the Omnifuel is just completely useful. If you can get canisters, then you can cook quicker and cleaner. You can also use Wood Fired Oven.

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Re: MSR vs. Primus stoves

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Like the Kapitan, I used Bluet for years- great little stoves. For colder weather, there are stoves that use screw-on canisters with a mix of butane and propane- I have a Primus and a MSR that take these. And as others have noted, for clean, simple heat, the Trangia is hard to beat.
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Re: MSR vs. Primus stoves

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mje wrote: And as others have noted, for clean, simple heat, the Trangia is hard to beat.
One of those endless topics. Alcohol stove like Trangia is simple indeed - only 2 speeds, On and Off ;-) ... Not so simple when you need to douse it off, though. You need pliers or a pot holder to put the dousing cap over the flame, and who carries pot holder when there are folding handles on the pots? Small alcohol stove makes a perfect set for alpine minimalist - couple ounces stove, couple ounces of alcohol for a couple of quick meals, pot holder and tiny pot without handles for both soup and coffee - not my kind of life.

And what is not clean about LPG/propane/butane stove, I wonder - speaking of side effects to users. There is no smell when it burns and no soot on pots afterwards. Environmentally it's not worse than alcohol either, considering that stove alcohol is distilled from non-renewable oil (petroleum) rather than grain or sugar, in North America anyway

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