Sea Kayak trip to Phillipine or South East Asia ?

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Sea Kayak trip to Phillipine or South East Asia ?

Post by yukonluc »

I'm Luc from Whitehorse Yukon Canada , just got a second Hand ; WHIPER Feathercraft, balck .

Q: any body TRAVEL IN THOSE COUNTRY ? TRAVEL ADVISE ? any suggestion island ? gears to bring ?
( Phillipine or South East Asia or Indonesia !)

Thanks a head for your time everybody .
Great site .

( advid traveller )

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Re: Sea Kayak trip to Phillipine or South East Asia ?

Post by Ozpaddler »

G'day yukonluc

I'm not sure if its in your definition of south east Asia, but there's some great paddling to be had in Australia. Particularly around Perth. Enjoy your Wisper.


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Re: Sea Kayak trip to Phillipine or South East Asia ?

Post by xeniv23 »

Just spent a month in Thailand, mostly around Ao Nang (Krabi district) checking out the kayaking/camping. Lots of exposed crossings of a few miles or more but I only experienced one day of sustained winds that caused concern. It's still the rainy season, the back end of it anyway, and the mornings were great. About the time the heat began to get oppressive clouds would appear and an hour later you would get a short period of moderate winds and very heavy rains. 15 minutes later you would be paddling along with cloud cover and somewhat cooler temps. All in all, not bad. Can't say what it would be like in the dry season. Hotter I think but I don't really know.
6 foot tides but no current to speak of, especially if you are used to the NW coast Puget Sound to SE Alaska. The karsts generally have no beaches. They do, however, often have substantial overhangs/caves that work well for sitting out a passing downpour. Look for the more rounded in topography islands and they almost always have beaches. Be discreet about your camping as it is predominantly NP. Don't put your tent up until after dark and have it down before daylight. Tell the rangers you just stopped for a brew up. Surprisingly few insects. If you are fooling around in the water watch out for the rays and for the very long spine urchins. If the water is murky don't risk wading or swimming. On the mainland you will have what I mistakenly thought were Komodo dragons. They are Monitor Lizards and impressively large. Biggest one I encountered was over 6 feet and probably 100-150 lbs. It seemed quite interested in avoiding me. In areas frequented by tours the monkeys can be a problem.

I used two liters of water per day to take a shower just before bed. Proved to be crucial in affording a good nights sleep in the heat and humidity. At least you didn't stick to yourself. If you just have a couple of weeks the heat and humidity are going to be a problem. At about the third week I noticed that I was not affected as much, it started to seem normal. The Andaman Sea and Pang Nga Bay are wonderful places to kayak. Drifting quietly over a shallow reef in the calm of the morning is something that you should experience.
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Re: Sea Kayak trip to Phillipine or South East Asia ?

Post by siravingmon »

There are rangers on most of the islands so you wouldn’t be able to camp on them overnight. Having said that you can find accommodation really cheaply along the coast and even going from one side of the golf to the other could be done in a day I live in Bangkok and get down there when I can so know a bit about the area specifically along the east coast north of Krabi

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