Water leakage on Kathsalano

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Water leakage on Kathsalano

Post by seakayaker_k1 »

Anyone with water leakage along the join of the hull & deck. What have you used?

I own a K1 since 1999 with many miles on. Never have a problem like this. The Kathsalano is from the same year (hypalon hull).

By leakage I mean enough water gets tru to be a concern in long crossings or in cold weather conditions.


Post by Alm »

Did't have this problem, - my Kahuna is 2003, non-hypalon, with welded deck-hull joint. Hypalon hull/deck joint is probably sewn. Options as I see them:
1) Seamgrip (very detailed review is here http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews ... %20Priest/ . Don't buy other seam sealers - some of them are crap.
2) Aquaseal diluted with Cotol (it accelerates cure time too, keep this in mind),
3) non-diluted Aquaseal (should make stronger bond, but could be more visible - it is clear anyway), or
4) ask the factory. They have done an excellent job on small punctures on my non-hypalon hull with diluted Aquaseal, with black pigment added - but you will not need a pigment on joint of 2 different colours.

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