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REI Customer Service

Post by Christov_Tenn »

Last Saturday, on my horrible day off from paddling, I ordered some stuff from REI - their big sale with an additional 50% off on items with prices ending in .83. The package arrived Thursday, and I was pleased with all the stuff except the Seattle Sports DeLuxe Chart Case, Blue. The case is huge (much bigger than I thought it would be or needed), but that wasn't the problem. Thing is, the case has a roll-down and velcro closure across the top. The glue intended to stick the strip of velcro across the clear "window" hadn't set up and was still tacky when I took the case out of its plastic shipping bag. I left it sitting out to air until this afternoon, and found it still tacky.

Called REI, and they're shipping a slightly better map case free, told me I didn't have to ship them the defective case, to keep it and maybe see about salvaging it.

Great customer service. Had to spend some time on hold, but it was worth it.


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Post by mje »

I'm always amazed at REI's customer service. They have a full return policy, no questions asked, on everything. If you go to their year-end sales, you'll see stuff that people have literally worn out through heavy use, and then returned, saying they weren't satisfied with it. Amazing. There are a lot of people who obviously abuse this policy, but I guess the number is small enough that REI can afford it.
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Kheya Shunka


Post by Kheya Shunka »

I returned a Kokatat Dry suit to them about a year ago. It was difficult, but they honored their word.
They did'nt really want to take it back, on the "I don't like the performance" line of reasoning. I used the suit once. They wanted a very descriptive usage report and why I was not satisfied. And they were skeptical. They wanted me to exchange and see if another suit worked better. I have a feeling it's because it was a high priced item.


Item Pricing & Decisions

Post by Christov_Tenn »

I'm guessing you're right about the price of the item. The mapcase I called to see about returning or exchanging cost, on sale, $5.83. The young woman who answered the phone discussed the matter with a male who was, evidently, in the phone-room with her. They were able to make whatever decision pretty quickly. For an item that costs several hundred dollars, store or phone department managers are probably scared to make a decision that may earn them a rebuke at the quarterly management meeting. It sounds like they were asking you, in essence, to "write me a note so I can explain this to my boss."

Just out of curiosity, what did you dislike about the suit?


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