Pakboat Puffin components wanted

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Pakboat Puffin components wanted

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

I'm looking for two of the old style Pakboat grey inflatable kayak seats with the frames supporting the back cushion (that they used in all of the Puffin series before they switched to the sling and backband style seats to enable using the kayaks without the deck on). Also could use two sets of the dual sponsons for the Puffin Swift 14 (as long as they are not from the batch of defective fabric ones from 2007).

I have two otherwise pristine Puffin Swift 14's that I bought cheap at a yard sale that had the defective sponsons and seats that the original owners failed to exchange during the Pakboat recall. Would love to be able to get these on the water or in shape to sell to someone who could use them I am halfway through making new sponsons for them but am running out of time and patience with that project -- and rigging replacement seats would not be as easy.

Or if anyone has an older Pakboat solo from 12' to 14' that has a weary or battered frame or skin but intact seat and sponsons, maybe you would want one of these Swifts for yourself to swap the parts from your boat into it. These frames and skins are really immaculate -- I doubt the owners used the boats more than a couple times (apparently they were a wedding gift which was why the owners were unaware of the sponson and seat recall in 2007). I have the original carry bags, pumps and repair kits for both boats, all intact. The Swift 14 was a transition between the little 12' Puffin solos and the first versions of the Quest series (the Quest 135 and Quest 155). Sleeker and stiffer than the Puffins and only 26 pounds each.
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