Folding Oven?

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Folding Oven?

Post by Rob »

I've got the usual, white gas, portable, single burner, backpacking stove, which I've used in the past. It's an old, Coleman model, which still works very well.

However, I'm not up on the latest gear in terms of either backpacking, and/or cooking stoves and ovens, that permit you to use existing wood/kindling, and/or that can be used to do things like bake a pizza, cook biscuits, etc.. I realize Dutch ovens can be used to do that, but they are very heavy, and I've just got a single, folder (might be better in a large, two-person kayak), and mine have legs which will probably poke through the hull, eventually (can't have that). Of course, I could just go out and buy another Dutch oven without legs, but again, they're pretty heavy, if not overly expensive.

I think a few decades ago, I saw some sort of contraption that goes on top of, or wraps around the top of a single-burner gas stove to act as an oven, but don't know what it is called, who makes it, or if it really works.

I've seen some reflective ovens too, back in the day, but don't know what's available along those lines now, either.

So, what are people using now that can get the job done, that is reasonably light weight, preferably folds down or is relatively compact, and doesn't cost a fortune?

I hear even solar cookers are available, which is probably great for Mexico, and/or California in the Summer, but probably not the best option for the Pacific Northwest.

Thoughts, and/or reviews and testimonials?

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Re: Folding Oven?

Post by JohnSand »

Coleman makes a folding Camp Oven. I haven't used one, but I've read that people use them on boats.

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