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Re: KayaCAT

Post by cvin »

Anything new on these? Customer service still not good?
They look interesting

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Re: KayaCAT

Post by luyaj7 »

Yes, customer service is still terrible for America. Maybe if you live in Europe it could be better.

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Re: KayaCAT

Post by camjames1967 »

Hi ,OK so I bought a kayacat puma recently ,positives it floats ,I consider myself a competant paddler .I've taken it on the sea ,rivers and a canal biggest journey 16 miles .The thing is awful in every sense other than in a swimming pool .any current or wind and you are going almost sidewards ,it drifts ,you have to paddle constantly on one side or the other to keep anything like straight and it is really slow ,it's like trying to paddle through treacle ,I could only compare it to an attractive looking lilo .The build quality isn't that great ,cheap and cheerful. It's light another positive , I wanted something I could hike to remote places and kayak ,the kayacat Puma isnt it ...

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Re: KayaCAT

Post by JohnSand »

I've read that other owners improved tracking by adding fins.

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