Tyne Folding kayak renovation.

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Tyne Folding kayak renovation.

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I have recently acquired a 17 foot Tyne folding kayak and would like to make it sea worthy. There are some minor repairs to be made, but everything is in truly remarkable condition the frame is immaculate and the hull is very sound, with no flaking at all. The only thing needing doing is for a few of the seams to be reglued, as well as the end caps, and possibly paint the inside of the hull.

Would anyone know what glue and paint etc I should use? I think Stormsure is very strong, but it may be too tough and I'd rather the glue gave way than having the canvas fail and bre ripped apart because the glue is too strong.

For the paint, I'm guessing a grey hypalon would be my best bet.

The end caps look to be rubber over a canvas base. These have lifted but would it be possible to glue them back down and use a rubber cement to complete the repair?

Many thanks in advance.

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