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Dear Chris,
To the best of my knowledge Gummipaint is not available in the U.K either I order mine form yachtshop24 in Germany. The site is in German but is fairly standard and one can gather where to click to order and paying with paypal makes the payment and addressing very easy. Are you suggesting that there are import restrictions on this product. I have myself tried to order American products in the past and either been clobbered with huge import taxes (£75.00 on a cordless drill) or simply been prohibited from ordering in the case of a Rust-O-Leum product. It would seem that trade between the U.S. and Europe is not entirely free.


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Re: Gummipaint

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Thanks Malcolm,

I've lived overseas a good deal and have run into the same issue shipping things from the US. In particular, one of our shippers-- I've forgotten whether it's FedEx or UPS, but probably the former-- has insane surcharges for having cleared your package through customs, even if there was little or no actual duty due on the item. They don't warn you first, and the vendor can't get the package back once it has cleared customs, so you end up throwing bad money after good and paying far more than you anticipated in the end. Not a happy state of affairs-- big business taking advantage of the little guy.
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