Good and not expensive glue for hull

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Good and not expensive glue for hull

Post by JohnnyT »

Hi, can you guys recommend some less expensive glue than Aquaseal that can be used to reattached that stripe that is over the seams on the inside of the hull? It is I guess for protection of the seam from wear.
I think I may need a lot of glue these 2 long stripes and AquaSeal is $25 which after spending quite substantial amount of money on small things like that I am not very keen on spending.
I saw inexpensive Contact Cement DAP Weldwood - does anyone know if that brand will work and if this cement cures hard or flexible like the AquaSeal?

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Re: Good and not expensive glue for hull

Post by mje »

What I’d use for a critical seam like this: ... ve-fa-4844
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Re: Good and not expensive glue for hull

Post by Alv »

I agree with Mike - although he could have added a bit more information. Do not use Aquaseal. It works, but cure time is to long to make it convenient. The Clifton adhesive gives you a comparable bond, and its cure time is about the same as popular PVC adhesives. Clifton adhesive also works on PVC, but it is much more expensive. We have used the Clifton adhesive in our repair kits (on polyurethane materials) for several years with good success - but READ THE LABELS. Clifton adhesive works well on polyurethane, and you will get a good bond if you glue PU to PU.

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Re: Good and not expensive glue for hull

Post by mowog »

I just bought a 1988 A2 that is basically a NOS boat never sold. The frame is gorgeous. Three rod holders have a tiny check on one side- so I got extras from Longhaul for when needed. The hull was surprisingly good- what would be an expedition hull now. Hypalon with extra keel strips and deck with paddle pockets and a few D rings. I was expecting to need a new longhaul hull, maybe in a year or two.

What needed work was the sprayskirt. I have a Longhaul spray skirt for an A1 and everything is sewn together with probably some sealant, but maybe not. The Longhaul deck is just so pretty to look at and made so well. In contrast the 1988 Klepper is sewn at the coaming and 2 other desk seams. Everything else is glued. The deck was coming loose from the plastic/vinyl rims along with a glued band. I researched repairs and as you found would it cost a small fortune for aqua seal. I tried Hot Glue which seemed promising at first, then disappointing. I just used Weldwood contact cement that Lowes had on sale for $5 a pint. A little slow as I glue a section, wait 20+ minutes for it to tack, then press it together. So far I am very impressed and happy. The color of the cement is very similar to what was on the skirt and it's bonded pretty tight and so far strong. For sewn seams I think it would be perfect. How it holds to the rings time will tell. I am eventually going to buy a Longhaul spray skirt because it is so much better than the old Klepper. For $5 I was wiling to take a chance and I think this will give me some time.

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