Sourcing 6mm Sapele marine-grade plywood

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Sourcing 6mm Sapele marine-grade plywood

Post by ZGphoto »

Hi Everyone! Does anyone know where I may source a quarter-sheet of 6mm Sapele marine-grade plywood? So far, every supplier I have found, only sells it in full-sheets, but I only need a small piece (~10"x13") to make a new step-plate for my Nautiraid. Anyone have some scraps laying around? Thanks!

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Re: Sourcing 6mm Sapele marine-grade plywood

Post by JohnSand »

Hopefully someone here can help. You might consider asking on the WoodenBoat Forum, or Duckworks Facebook page, even trying Wanted on Craigslist. Good luck!

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Re: Sourcing 6mm Sapele marine-grade plywood

Post by mje »

I mentioned this on the Facebook page, but I’ll repeat it here for readers who don’t follow that group: Woodworking stores like Rockler and Woodcraft often sell smaller pieces of Baltic Birch, which is a very high quality plywood that is superior some grades of marine plywood. It has no voids, and many thin veneers. I’ve used it for many projects.
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