Getting dried glue off hypalon hulls...

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Getting dried glue off hypalon hulls...

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Hi folks,

Just purchased a used Klepper Aerius in wonderful shape. The previous owner installed his own keep strips, and he was a little free with the glue. There is a bunch of dried glue on the hull along the line of the keel strip, and in other assorted places. How should I best remove it? It is old, and flaking in some parts. Otherwise, the hull is in great shape!


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Re: Getting dried glue off hypalon hulls...

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I would leave it alone it can,t look that bad. Using chemicals to remove it might do more harm than good, if you scrape it off the skin will be damaged. Putting on keel strips and patches with glue is often a bit messy.

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Re: Getting dried glue off hypalon hulls...

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Definitely be careful. Not on a kayak, but I have removed glue from fabric with a piece of hardwood, scraping with the edge.

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Re: Getting dried glue off hypalon hulls...

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Healthwise you would be better off leaving it in place...the chemicals that are available to soften it are really, really, really bad chemicals for the body.
Another thing is that due to their nature the chemicals dry too quickly making you use more of them.
Please read the MSDS, ( material safety data sheets) on the chemicals.
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