pakboat - loose connectors

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pakboat - loose connectors

Post by barbarapuffin »

Hi friends,
I have an older Pakboat, a Puffin Saco. Lately, while using my boat, the connectors are popping off. The small black 3/4 circles that snap onto the gunwales pop loose. Has anyone else had this issue? More importantly, has anyone found a solution?

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Re: pakboat - loose connectors

Post by idc »

Yes. I find I get precisely this problem with my Puffin. I have wondered whether to drill holes in the bars and thread cable ties through to give a firmer connection, but I haven't gone this route yet. (A combination of not having got organised and a bit of trepidation about taking a drill to the aluminium.) Like you I would be interested to hear how others deal with this.

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Re: pakboat - loose connectors

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

I've run into this problem not just with my 2004 Puffin but with other folders, even my $4000 Feathercraft Wisper. I have solved it by keeping a small bag of 4" plastic cable ties with the boat. I wrap and snug one around the connection points and carry a small toenail clipper to cut the loops off when I dismantle the boat.

Another thing that can work is the small elastic hair ties for children that have a marble sized plastic bobble run through them (these are like small versions of the black or red.yellow bobble bungees that are sold to make plastic tarp tie downs.) Also cheap and available in most chain drugstores.
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