For Sale wetsuits & camp clothing bundle.

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For Sale wetsuits & camp clothing bundle.

Post by KMP »

I'm Selling the following as one big bundle:
2 wetsuits,
zip-off style nylon pants/shorts
Board short (New)
floppy wide brim hat (new)

Price: $85, includes shipping via USPS priority mail.

The wetsuits are used, but well-cared for. Rinsed in fresh water and allowed to dry after paddling, before stowing loosely in my closet. No fading, rips, or other damage - except for a very slight fraying along the top seam on the farmer john - cosmetic damage only - they're in great condition.
They are both size medium, and fit me well:
I estimate they should fit anyone from 5'8" to 5'11
(i'm 5'11") and weighing around 135-155 lbs ( I weigh 145).

The shorty is from Warmers & is 2mm neoprene with a padded weatherproof front zipper.
The farmer john is 3mm with velcro shoulder strap and extra knee padding.
ankle = 9"
knee = 15"
mid thigh 22"
waist 32.5"
Chest 35"
If your measurements are within say an inch - either direction - of these, I think the suits will fit fine. The chest is a bit looser, so if you have a beefier upper body than me :oops: it should still work. Since this area is normally compressed by the PFD, it's fine for my size.

The zip-off pants are olive color, from campmor, 100% nylon. They are size medium, with a semi-elastic waist band and regular belt buckle loops. 2 velcro pockets in rear, 3 pockets in the front. The pants have buttons and a loop that can be used to adjust the size of the ankle - this is a potential entrapment hazard so I don't recommend wearing the pants while paddling. The shorts should be fine, if used without a belt. Apparently I used these for painting something at some point, as there appear to be a few flecks of paint in a couple spots. Otherwise in great condition.
The board short is new, size 32, from FirstWave. No mesh lining. small interior key pocket & 1 large exterior cargo pocket. 12" inseam, so it hangs below the knee. Still has the tags attached.
And the hat is from panama jack, 100% cotton, one size fits all. It's a floppy wide brim style that rolls or packs up easily for travel.
---- If you're wondering why i'm selling the wetsuits: I paddle in Maine mostly, and I find I don't use them anymore. In summer I use a wetsuit vest and paddle jacket, and any other time I use the drysuit - water is cold here!
SAM_0075_1.jpg (146.71 KiB) Viewed 1091 times
- I have better pics available, (which aren't washed out, and show the colors better),let me know if you want me to post them.


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