Colorado Paddle Day?

Looking for someone to go paddling with in your neck of the woods? This is the place for paddlers to meet up.

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Colorado Paddle Day?

Post by kdwalmsley »

Anyone want to get together for a paddle day and a meal before the snows come? If we did a picnic I could bribe my World’s Greatest Kayaking Partner™ (aka Mrs. Walmsley) to make us something tasty.


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Re: Colorado Paddle Day?

Post by lkampf »

Hi Kevin,
I just noticed this and would have loved to meet up. I was actually packing to move from Boulder to Croatia at the time, but one last paddle in freshwater and meeting a forum person would have been welcome.

I still have a Kiawah in storage there, maybe next trip back. The pandemic certainly reduced the amount of back and forth I expected to do when we moved! Give a shout if you’re on this side of the pond.


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