Transporting via bicycle

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Transporting via bicycle

Post by tsunamichuck »

Done with my Helios and Khatsalano on my Bianchi Volpe over 4 miles on flat roads in Beijing. Photos of my rig ... emId=71200
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Re: Transporting via bicycle

Post by DLee »

Very cool and quite a load Chuck. Seems quite appropriate for that part of the country.

When I was looking for alternative carts for dragging my boat up and down the steep hill I live on I found some really neat bike trailers... just a thought. Ha.

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Re: Transporting via bicycle

Post by nikolash »

Nice topic,
here are my experiences:
homemade folding kayak cart mk1 ... C11208.jpg
Smal foam wheels weren't up to the task.
Paddle served as a cart handle-bad idea when braking downhill (I live on top of the hill)

homemade folding kayak cart mk2 ... C11397.jpg ... C11627.jpg

first couple of times I was using bow atachment point ... C11626.jpg

current setup- I use rudder bracket for atachment ... C10062.jpg

I stil have to make some iprovements, it is obvious that end of the boat(in this case bow) will scrape the road when riding over speeed bumps, curbs and alike
With this stup, unfolded is only way to go.


Re: Transporting via bicycle

Post by paultmckay »

ere is a pic of our tandem bike pulling and old east german Opa built trailer with a wayland amazon xxl inside - the trailer weighs about 70kg and the boat 72kg plus a tent n stuff was probably around 150kgs on the back. We pedalled around 100kms from luckau in germany to Erkner near berlin over two days, then joined a club paddle for a sensational week paddling. ... 20boat.jpg

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Re: Transporting via bicycle

Post by Quester1230 »

Cycled some 10km with my Oru Bay ST under my arm and shoulder strap on without a problem.

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Re: Transporting via bicycle

Post by JohnSand »

Cool. I saw an Oru on the water for the first time this week. They look better in person than online.

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