Approx. 1973 Pouch Faltboot RZ85-2 Kakak - $500

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Approx. 1973 Pouch Faltboot RZ85-2 Kakak - $500

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Approx. 1973 Pouch Faltboot RZ85-2 Kakak - $500

Southwest Chicago suburbs.

I have a Pouch Faltboot RZ85-2 Kakak from 1973 or earlier.
I'm primarily interested in selling it, but also in learning more of its history.

- 2-person
- 18-foot length
- boat in good condition, some wear and tear on paddles
- blue upper shell, gray sides and bottom
- wood, foldable frame
- foot-operated rudder
- sailing kit: sideboards, mast, sail, rigging

Of extra interest: I have the paperwork, which is in German. I also have
two letters. The original owner wrote the company from Michigan to Lepzig, East
Germany in 1974 proposing a business deal. About a month later someone from
the company replied favorably, although they noted that "unfortunately there
are not yet direct diplomatic relations between our two countries". They also
mentioned unfavorable duties would make it difficult to be competitive. Was
there any trade between the U.S. and East Germany at that time?

I'm also curious how this boat may have reached the U.S.

The manuals are about 10 pages, and there is a labelled boat diagram featuring words like
"Gerustvordersteven", "Doppelstekpaddel", and "Rucksack". Good times!

I can post some pictures if there is interest, or scans of the paperwork.

E-mail me if you're interested in purchase, or post if you have some feedback
about the boat.
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Re: Approx. 1973 Pouch Faltboot RZ85-2 Kakak - Offers reques

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