IKEA Storage Bags Make Wonderful GII Boat Bags

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IKEA Storage Bags Make Wonderful GII Boat Bags

Post by CarolynMadsen »

We have our original GII boat bags but wanted additional bags for our PDFs and other stuff. We bought several IKEA Frakta storage bags - one has a zipper, is shaped like a duffel bag, measures about 29"X14"X12", and sells for $5.00 and one has no zipper, is shaped like an open shopping bag, measures about 22"X15"X14", and sells for $1.00. They are super strong and weigh mere ounces. We use several of them. They make wonderful GII boat bags!

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Re: IKEA Storage Bags Make Wonderful GII Boat Bags

Post by RangerTim »

The Ikea duffel bags are on my list, Carolyn. I have had some of the open-top bags for years but did not know about the zip variety.
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Re: IKEA Storage Bags Make Wonderful GII Boat Bags

Post by Rob »

Thanks for sharing the info.

Those sound great, and the price is certainly very good.

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Re: IKEA Storage Bags Make Wonderful GII Boat Bags

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

I have used the IKEA bags in the past but in recent years have discovered that Aldi grocery stores frequently carry equally useful (and very cheap) bags during the summer in what my friends and I call their "Aisle of Shame", the central non-grocery hardware, home goods and sports gear section that always seems to have things you don't really "need" but are too cool to leave without. These are obviously designed to be beach bags but are better made than most bags of that ilk.

I have three of these bags now bought at various times at Aldi and I recall each of them only cost $5 or $6: they are approximately the same volume as an Aldi bag but made of double layer fabric with long sturdy straps that can be carried over a shoulder, full zippers to close the top and have both a large velcro flapped pocket on the outside as well as a small zipped one inside that is perfect for things like sunglasses, sunscreen, repair kit, small spare parts, etc. I have a solid red one, a navy blue one with an orange and white fish print and a turquoise and lime green palm leaf print. One drawback of the IKEA bags I found was they all look the same so I had to always check what was in them when I loaded for a trip -- I have a system with these 3 distinctive bags so I always know what is in each one. They are excellent for PFD's, spray skirts, rolled up flotation bags, paddling clothing and shoes, otter boxes. flashlights, towels, water bottles, etc. I can fit a full Goretex drysuit plus neoprene boots, gloves, helmet and a "bunny suit" fleece liner in one.

One drawback is that these are not a regular stock item and you have to watch for when they appear, usually in the beach gear part of that aisle. So unless you regularly shop in a nearby Aldi (as I do) it may be hard to snag them. Locally I know my Aldis get their main deliveries on Wednesday mornings so I usually shop there Wednesday after noon to get the best shot at new stock.
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