New to Folbots, qs about Aleut setup and sailing

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New to Folbots, qs about Aleut setup and sailing

Post by AleutBackpaxer »

I bought an Aleut Kayak on eBay, and assuming the listing was accurate it should be in excellent condition, still I expect it to have more wear than advertised.
The first issue is that I cannot find a video on how to put it together and I’m not clever in that particular way so I hope I can put it together.
The second issue is I wouldn’t likely soon be able to buy another kayak, so I want to make sure I put whatever relevant treatments so that it doesn’t break down further. Seems like there’s something that should be done for the bottom to protect it, like rubber strips and some 303 (I don’t know what that is but seen it mentioned) And uv protection? But I also saw UV protection makes field patching harder.
What do I need to get in order to be able to patch this kayak or fix a leak?
The other issue is I walk and bike but don’t drive and I wonder if anyone has found a backpack that can accommodate everything
I have been reading the Threads here but still can’t figure out if I can get a sail for a folding Kayak, that would also fold. I live in the northwest and there is quite a variety of conditions I hope to kayak in.
Basically I want to sail but I want to keep it portable, and I want to make sure my boat lasts a long time. And I don’t know how to put the darn thing together but seen a video on how to assemble the kodiak, is it the same procedure?

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Re: New to Folbots, qs about Aleut setup and sailing

Post by mje »

What you want is 303 Protectant spray, a silicone-free UV protectant that also protects against oxidation. Use it very sparingly on the hull. 303 also makes a fabric protectant, but the best way to protect your boat is to not leave it out in the sun, rinse it out after use, and store it disassembled in a cool, dry, place.

Mark Ekhart at Long Haul Folding Kayaks can make you a bag with shoulder straps that can carry the frame and hull. A bicycle trailer is another option.
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Re: New to Folbots, qs about Aleut setup and sailing

Post by john allsop »

You mention sails. On my Folbot Yukon i have used various sails. One was Pacific Action which is really a downwind sail which is also good at, i think it,s called beam reach where you sail across the wind, the wind is coming from the side at 90 degrees, it can be difficult to point into wind with this sail, it,s usually quicker to paddle into wind, if the wind is too strong to make any headway then you have to wait for the wind to subside, A better sail is the Kayaksailor which will go into wind better. Shortly i will be trying a small Sprit sail on my Yukon. You will have to make sail mounts for these sails but keep the sails small, i also like outriggers. Mike mentions a bike trailer, you will need it. There is of course the simple round pop up sail for i think only down wind. The best thing to do is leave sails until you have a few years experience with your Folbot.

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Re: New to Folbots, qs about Aleut setup and sailing

Post by JohnSand »

Welcome aboard!
Watch the videos, search the files, you'll be able to assemble the boat. It is somewhat self evident with careful observation.
There are a number of rigs to sail these, check and Balogh Sail designs. Also watch ebay and craigslist for used Folbot rigs.
Good luck, keep us posted.

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