New guy question

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New guy question

Post by nortryder »

Hi, I've lurking here for a bit. Now I have a question which I probably already know the answer to. I recently came into possession of a Super? which is in pretty rough shape. It appear fairly complete but some of the wood is rotted and the top deck has some holes. The bottom looks to be solid with no holes. My question is project or parts. I have been down this road many times before with my penchant for lost, lonely British motorcycles so I am aware that enough money will fix anything. Haha. Being retired I'm always looking for a project but I'm not sure about this one. I guess I'd like some input or laughter or something.Thanks

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Re: New guy question

Post by RangerTim »

My 2 cents

If you have the skill and you have the 'before and after' desire, restoring this boat could be a gratifying project. Wayland boats of the UK could accomplish most of it with a reskin but the cost is prohibitive for most people.

If you want just a serviceable folding kayak, wait until spring and watch here, Craigslist (nationwide search on Searchtempest), and elsewhere for one in better shape. Supers come up for sale with some frequence at that time of year. Boats on ebay tend to be overpriced. Use the beater for parts.

If you are not really a folding kayak enthusiast and want to help out others who are, sell the parts here. If you want to maximize your windfall, wait until spring and sell the parts on ebay.

Again, just my 2 cents.
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Re: New guy question

Post by JohnSand »

Welcome aboard!
I had a Super and liked it, especially under sail. Mine was cheap and came with other sailing gear. It was a bit rough, though not as bad as yours. I patched some hull and deck leaks with Gorilla Tape and AquaSeal. I ignored the rot in the stems. I've done similar with old cheap cars, put in just enough work to keep them going until it's time for the scrapyard. My biggest complaint about the Super (mine was a rigid kit built) was it's weight, around 80#. It's biggest plus was it's stability, I could stand in it, even at 6'5" and middle aged. If I had your boat I wouldn't consider any expensive repairs unless I were sure I wanted to keep and use it for years. Patch it up quick and dirty and enjoy it. Keep us posted.

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