Getting set up for kayak fishing

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Getting set up for kayak fishing

Post by Jsblack14208 »

Hello All,

So, as a very green folding kayak owner, I recently got interested in saltwater fishing, particularly from a kayak.

My new fisherman buddy says I should get a sit-on-top (purpose-built for fishing). He lauded the freedom of movement (stand up, turn around, take a leak, etc). I can see his points, but I come back to my present realities that brought me to a folder in the first place: easy to store, easy to transport for a person in an urban, apartment-dwelling existence. A rigid kayak is just not in the cards for a while. Plus I spent a fair bit on getting my current kayak, and need to get some use out of it.

I see a number of fishing accessories out there for folding kayaks, most of which seem to address the issue of providing a place to park the pole while fishing. But it seems that is only a small part of the problem. The tedium of sitting, unable to move about (without the mental distraction of actively paddling), how to keep bait within reach (without it crawling out into the cockpit, -which with crabs or sandworms could be very exciting). Where to keep the fish, etc. It seems to come down to inability to move around much.

The solution would seem to be to add lateral stability to allow one to stand up and move around a bit. Outriggers, right? Maybe the transverse element of of an outrigger set-up would even provide a slightly elevated perch/alternate place to sit. But it is $$ and or time to make something, -which takes away from the portability and simplicity of the whole idea of a folder. More contraptions are sometimes just...more junk. A case of trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear maybe? Maybe just rent a fishing kayak when I want to fish?

Anyway, I would be interested on any input on this topic from you all.

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Re: Getting set up for kayak fishing

Post by Gouthro »

Well, to answer your question as best as i can from my own experience, i think you can use whatever you have. I used to fish from an old Folbot super. It worked well enough. I now have a greenland ll which i have fished a little from. Storage of fish, etc., just takes a bucket or a cooler in front of you. I am not sure what you would do with a smaller boat. I also have a sit on top. If it is a good quality one, it will be stable, which is important. I can also just drag it across the rocks, as it is plastic. Important for where I often fish. The sit in top is much nicer to fish from but you can do it from anything, iam sure.
Good fishing G

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Re: Getting set up for kayak fishing

Post by john allsop »

I live by the sea and while sit on tops are very popular for general use and fishing,(see Hobie adds) you can fish from your folder. A simple outrigger system will help you stand up and move around, there is one available in the US. You would have to work out how to clamp the cross tubes to your kayak. They are made by Spring Creek. They are a bit small for SAILING outriggers but for fishing they should work fine. Klepper make what they call fishing platforms which you can easily make if you have the space. It is just a board clamped to the coaming with I suppose (I would call) rod holders for placing your rods. If your boat is a Folbot the klepper clamps won,t work so again you have to come up with a clamping method. I have done this and it,s quite simple. Alternativly just a line over the side will catch fish. Where I live, pollack, mackerel, and if near rocks wrasse. The photo shows Folbot outriggers.
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