New Wayland kayak?

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New Wayland kayak?

Post by idc »

I've just been exploring Wayland's new website. This seems to be a new aluminium folder they are offering: ... ition.html



Re: New Wayland kayak?

Post by Alm »

Adding aluminum line-up is not a small feat. Probably had to dissemble Wisper and Kahuna down to the very last rivet and study closely. In a year or two they will eliminate some bugs. FC models aren't exactly bug-free, plus there will be some "proprietary" bugs of Wayland.

Offering keelstrip as an option is an omission (or an intentional cash grab) - sharp V of the hull mandates a lot of protection, especially if used according to the sales pitch, i.e. expedition paddling. Though, this size limits "expeditions" to about same length as with Kahuna, - 5-7 days.

Claims of carrying such a boat over "long distance" (even with lighter TPU hull) is of course nonsense ... Unless you're going to use your hands as a paddle, puffed cheeks as a PFD and a vehement prayer as a pack of food and dry clothes...


Re: New Wayland kayak?

Post by Perrotin »

I have been looking at the Feathercraft Wisper XP for some time now but the price is just too steep for me. Only very recently I fand out the website of Wayland that seems to propose a sort of polish copy (?) of the Wisper and of course much cheaper.

Has anyone heard of any feedback related to Wayland Proximo I or Wayland in general? What would be the favorite dealer anyway?


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Re: New Wayland kayak?

Post by siravingmon »

For information on the Proximo this appears to be your best bet
They had a laudible comment up on their website until recently saying that production of the Proximo had been delayed while they sorted out some quality issues with the manufacturer, so if you deicide to buy one it might be an idea to talk to them first. If you search this forum you'll also find some conversations some forum members have had with Wayland UK around shipping to the US

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Re: New Wayland kayak?

Post by WaylandUK »

It is true that we recently put a notice on our website along the lines of quality issues, it was more of the factory hoping to get feedback from those who had brought the Proximo I as those early users would have been using the boat in a much wider 'testing' context than is possible with the factory's own trials etc.

Wayland do act on feedback and do make changes / modifications / improvements quickly where possible. The photos that we have on our website was supplied by the factory earlier this year. We have just received a show Proximo I - the very first Proximo I in the UK, and this particular boat has a much better finish / design in the cockpit area (quite different to the photos), and some of the standard specs have changed already.

We wanted to see the boat in the flesh, and provide feedback, before offering the boat for sale on our site. Anyone in the UK interested in this boat is welcome to have a look and try it out. Given the long lead times at the moment, by the time a customer's order is made, most of the 'rough edges' will have been ironed out.

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Re: New Wayland kayak?

Post by Rob »

I'm interested in learning more about the Proximo as well, since it is a very nice looking kayak, and is actually in production, which is a big plus when/if you need repair parts, etc..

Anyone here in the USA have one?

I'm curious about its overall fit and finish, as well as how it handles on the open water - especially ocean.

I'm interested in doing week-long plus trips with it.

I see there is a US distributor in the Pacific NW of the USA, but haven't been able to reach them yet. Their website wasn't working the last time I checked.

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