Old Frame K1 (pre 98) on new skin (post 98)

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Old Frame K1 (pre 98) on new skin (post 98)

Post by yuen »

Is it possible with minor changes (maybe something with wood or Plastic in the bow) adjust an old frame to a new skin on a feathercraft K1? The 15 cm. that the skin is longer could be just the elevated bow? Could the smaller coaming with some modifications fit on the older welded cockpit-cage? I have a good frame (prefer it to the new) and a quite faded deck, that i plan to restore, but if there is another choice, why not?

I have read everything on this forum about the K1´s, but never found someone trying it.

Many thanks for all the replies!

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Re: Old Frame K1 (pre 98) on new skin (post 98)

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

Just about anything is "possible" if you are a determined, creative and clever tinkerer. I had a 1996 K-1 and don't recall the coaming being attached in any way to that "lobster trap" cockpit section of the frame (bless you for preferring that design -- the complexity of it was one of the main reasons I sold the '96).

Just try putting the old frame and new skin together and see what you think. It is possible to shorten or lengthen a skin. I have a little Pakboat Puffin 12 (circa 2004) to which I adapted a newer velcro-perimeter deck for another Pakboat model by cutting the deck in two pieced and adding a 3" "splice" to the bow deck. Shortening an entire one piece skin would be more difficult but not impossible. If you can get the coaming aligned with the cockpit frame and can determine that you could get away with shortening the skin in by the 5" in either the bow or stern, you could overlap the two pieces the distance you need to shorten it and glue it together.

Here's a Flickr album showing the Pakboat deck I modified by lengthening it. Click on the photos for written explanation (most of it is with the closeup shot): https://www.flickr.com/photos/snapdoodl ... 3639707309
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Pakboat Quest 135
Pakboat Puffin 12
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