Proper wheeled duffle bag for air transporting a K1?

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Proper wheeled duffle bag for air transporting a K1?

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Has anyone fitted a K1 into a wheeled duffle bag that can travel on regular flights?


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Re: Proper wheeled duffle bag for air transporting a K1?

Post by KerryOnKayaks »

I found a large Timberland brand wheeled duffel that fits a K-1 (though I no longer own that boat) but it is too large for the "free" baggage parameters, though it can be checked for the standard baggage fee on most carriers. It's 34" x 17" x 18", but since it is a soft duffel bag it is flexible enough to allow some stretch in those dimensions -- standard specs for the packed K-1 (per FC) are 36" x 20" x 12". I can still use it for my FC Wisper and there is enough room to stash my PFD, float bags and a breakdown paddle in the bag along with the boat.

Such large bags are not that hard to find as they are popular for hockey gear, particularly for goalies. My K-1 was a 1998 with the awkward "cage" style central frame assembly and the solid coaming-- if you have a newer K-1 with the more compact frame components and two piece coaming it would probably fit such a bag better. I got this one in the luggage department of either a TJ Maxx store or a Ross Dress for Less -- it was only $40. The "off price" clothing stores are a great source for cheap name brand travel bags of every size and style.

There are some carriers, like Norwegian Air and Japan Air, that are more generous with their luggage size allowances. And sometimes you can get excess baggage fees waived by buying premium tickets. This link shows the size parameters for most of the airlines: ... ed-luggage

The only one of my folders I have ever been able to cram into a "free baggage" dimensioned bag is my 12' Pakboat Puffin. At 24 pounds and with a maximum frame section length of under 32" I can get it plus all my paddling kit into a 32" x 16" x 14" rolling bag that meets the most common airline "unified total dimensions" of 62" and comes in at 2 pounds under the 50 pound weight limit.
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