G replacement parts in the US

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G replacement parts in the US

Post by RockRGMP »

I recently bought a used older Nautiraid that was in great repair except for a rib that I either broke or was already fractured. I wrote to Nautiraid and they responded they did not have part and are no longer making them. Does anybody have a line on anyone who is canabalizing kayak frames and selling parts or anyone who fabricated parts? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Re: G replacement parts in the US

Post by Rob »

bI can't help with this manufacturer and model, but I have a similar issue with a Feathercraft - small, micro-cracks initially, but a large rib broke in half last time I moved it.

Apparently, if you are somewhat handy, they are not too difficult to manufacture out of either heavy duty plastic, and/or marine grade plywood.

It appears to me from doing a little research, that making one out of plywood may be easier, since you can use basic hand tools like a coping saw, drill, etc.. Then, use a marine grade varnish for protection.

HDPE and other plastic materials may be used. One product, called "starboard" and sold by Home Depot is another option, though sadly my local HD doesn't carry it, and I don't know if it can be ordered from my region. Everything else I've tried ordering through HD has been unsuccessful, which is maddening, since I can see the product name and description, etc., but they still won't ship to me or my local store.

Presumably, you still have the broken part(s) which you can use as a template for cutting it out of the material you've chosen.

I hope that helps.

Good luck!

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Re: G replacement parts in the US

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Baltic Birch is another good product to use. It’s very high quality, void-free plywood with thin laminations- actually better than a lot of marine ply. The difference is that doesn’t have to pass the same immersion test that marine ply does. You can find 5’x5’ sheets at most lumber yards and smaller pieces at Woodcraft and Rockler stores.
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