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Fiord paddling

Post by gregn »

Well, yesterday I had the opportunity to see the Indian Arm (near Deep Cove, Vancouver) again, after 15 or so years of absence, this time from the level of Long Haul Mark I. It was a 37' sloop before, on which I used to bum around Pacific NW. Completly different perspective from the kayak! The water was warm and blue, light breeze was keeping air fresh and cool, birds and jelly fish assisted me some of my way, and the scenery was fantastic.

It is a very unique area. Only 25 minutes from downtown Vancouver, and yet within 1 hour of paddling you are in a perfect, and quite isolated fiord with all its attributes, including icefields in the distance. Sprinkled with rocks and islets, bays and beaches, it's a perfect place for a couple of days of day tripping, or camping. The little town of Deep Cove must be one of the most beautiful places on this continent.

Alex, a frequent contributor to this forum, kindly demonstrated to me his LH Mark I. We assembled it perhaps 100' from the launching beach, on well maintained grass, in the shade of maples, with free parking nearby. After paddling we ate lunch at a small bistro perhaps a block away from the beach. Thank you Alex for a very detailed demo of Mark I, and for allowing me to try your kayak! My invitation to visit me at the Brentwood Bay near Victoria for a couple of days of paddling is open.

I suggest that anyone interested in visiting that area contacts Alex. He is really familiar with the Inlet, weather patterns, and other details.


Post by Anne »

Indian Arm is North America's southern most fjord created by glaciers I believe. Pitt Lake east of Indian Arm used to be a fjord open to the ocean, but is a freshwater lake now.


Post by Yostwerks »

Gross Reservoir -

In Colorado we are flatwater challenged, though there are numerous other outdoor diversions available to compensate for it. So, though I cannot match the Pacific Ocean scenery of "Beautiful BC", I am posting a LINK to a small lake I paddled a few weeks ago near my home. The lake remained closed to boating for 50 years, but this year the bureaucrats discovered the error of their ways and now allow kayaks, canoes, and small rowboats on the water.

Select the Link below and click on "Kayaking Gross Reservoir" at the bottom of the page. Once there click "Next Page" in the upper right hand to continue through the 10 page Link. -

This is actually a motorcycle touring section of my site, as Colorado is a premier motorcycling destination. Check out the Denver area rides.



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Re: Fiord paddling

Post by sroberge »

Gregn's description of Indian Arm is very tempting and I hope to go there one day, possibly with with one of my K1 Feathecraft to circumnavigate Granville Island where it was born, Anyhow, I am mostly wtritting to correct Anne's guess as the Saguenay fjord, where I grew up, is the most sourtherly fjord in N-A (48 N latitude instead of 49 for Indian Arm). LKet me know if you go to Saguenay fjord as I could give advices about the place since I did it all a few times. I am trying to organise a trip in chilean fjord in janauary if someone is interested
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